2014 World Cup

2014 World Cup Preview: 5 Players to Keep an Eye On

The 2014 World Cup commenced this week. A total of 32 teams, each with 23 players on their final rosters will compete over the next month. That’s 736 players to keep track of. We narrowed that down to five of the top soccer players to watch who can affect the outcome of the world’s largest sporting event. Whether you’re an avid fan of the game year-round or you only watch soccer every four years or so, make sure you’re keeping your eyes on Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney, Neymar, and Julian Green during this year’s World Cup. Here’s why:

Fitness Tips: Make It All about the Core with Medicine Ball Twists


Everyone knows it is nice to walk around with those six-pack abs. It is more than just the looks that make them so great, having abs means having a strong core. Your core impacts the strength and performance of your arms and legs, and can help with overall activities. It may not seem like you are using it often, but once you start doing exercises aimed at core improvement, you will feel its impact. Knowing how your core is essential to being fit and staying healthy it is important that you use exercises specifically targeted to improve the area; medicine ball twists is a great way exercise to improve your dynamic core strength. Here are a few things to keep in mind while doing medicine ball twists:

mitch williams

The 6 Dos and Don’ts of Youth Coaching: lessons learned from Mitch Williams

MLB Network analyst and former MLB pitcher, Mitch Williams, is the latest coach to give youth sports coaches a bad rap.  Williams, also known during his playing career as “Wild Thing”, has been put on an indefinite leave of absence from the MLB Network after he was ejected from his team’s tournament game at the Ripken Baseball Tournament in Aberdeen, MD last week.

According to reports from NY Daily News, Williams ordered the beaning of an opposing team player, instructing his pitcher to throw a ball intentionally at the batter. He was also overheard by spectators heckling opposing coaches and “harassing” their players. He subsequently fought with empires, and his behavior got him ejected from the game and ultimately banned from the tournament.

Williams isn’t the first youth sports coach to cross the line, in fact, it happens all too often in high stakes games, tournaments and even practices. Unfortunately, in this particular incident Williams committed some of the worst possible offenses for a youth sports coach. We highlight those errors and others in our list of the top Do’s and Don’t of Youth Sports Coaching:

Get in on the action with our Pic of the Month contest.

CoachUp Pic of the Month Contest


Spring is in full swing and you, our athletes and coaches, are getting outside and working hard to reach the next level. We love hearing your success stories and learning about how our coaches have helped so many athletes achieve their goals. That’s why we’re launching a new monthly contest to reward our athletes and coaches who share their stories with us.

The next time you work with your CoachUp coach, snag a picture of you two together and then use Instagram to share the photo and details about what skill you’re working to improve. Every month the CoachUp team will review all photo submissions and select their favorite pic from the prior month. The athlete in the winning photo will receive a $150 CoachUp Gift Card and the coach will win a CoachUp Swag Bag.

Matt and Jacob.

Effort Contributes to Success, A CoachUp Basketball Success Story


Jacob was an enthusiastic and energetic player on his town’s basketball team. While he worked hard both at practice and home with his father, Bill, he needed a little something more to become the “go-to” point guard on his team. In an effort to find Jacob additional instruction to complement his team practices, Bill and his wife discovered CoachUp. Through CoachUp they connected with former Air Force Academy basketball star, now private basketball coach, Matt.

Building a Coaching Craigslist Ad


Looking for additional ways to find new clients? Building a craigslist ad for your coaching services is a quick and easy way to get more job leads. Creating a personal ad is easy, just follow these short steps and you’ll be on your way to booking more training sessions in no time.

Step 1: Create a Craigslist account

* NOTE: If you already have an account, you can skip this step

  • You must have a Craigslist account to post an ad (it’s free!).
  • You will then need to access your email to click on the verification link sent to you by Craigslist.

New Improvements to Scheduling Coaching Sessions


Making scheduling easy means you get more bookings with less back-and-forth between your clients. That’s why we’ve made some exciting improvements to how coaches and athletes can schedule training sessions together.  Here’s what you need to know about these improvements:

1. Clients now have a detailed look at your availability through your coach profile and after booking can suggest 3 times to train in the next two weeks based on your schedule:


Select 3 schedule options


2. You can accept 1 of their proposed times or reply with a different time right from your message inbox:


Accept or propose another schedule slot


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The CoachUp 2013 Coach Awards


We’re pleased to announce the winners of our first ever CoachUp Coach Awards. We established the CoachUp Awards to recognize our top coaches whose phenomenal work is helping athletes around the country reach another level. The CoachUp team took a number of factors into account when awarding these honors, such as: coach score, client reviews, testimonials, response rate, and first-hand experience working with coaches directly.

Without further adieu we present…

The Coach of the Year Award by Sport

coachup coach of the year

Each of these coaches stood out as the best CoachUp coach in their respective sport based on the phenomenal experience they deliver to athletes.



c662931b5f65f20f6c32919e1c660b1982691e23We recently caught up with Coach Steve E. for a Spotlight article. Coach Steve coaches basketball with CoachUp. He has played basketball his entire life and is an experienced basketball coach at both the middle school and high school level.

Tell us about yourself.





The National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA), the only Association comprised of NBA, ABA, Harlem Globetrotters and WNBA alumni, today announced a formal partnership with CoachUp – a service that connects athletes with private coaches. The mutually beneficial relationship will provide paid private coaching opportunities for NBRPA Members, while delivering a number of highly qualified basketball coaches to CoachUp.

“As former professional basketball players at the game’s highest levels, our members are uniquely qualified to work as private coaches,” said NBRPA President & CEO Arnie D. Fielkow. “Our members are excited about these opportunities and I am confident we will help provide CoachUp with exceptional private basketball coaches in markets across the country.”