Just Shoot, A CoachUp Success Story

A year ago, David decided to get serious about basketball. His mom, JoAnn, had signed him up for camps and clinics before, but they just weren’t doing the trick. Then JoAnn met Coach Anthony Gurley through CoachUp and everything changed.

How to help your kids choose between multiple sports by Jackie Bledsoe | CoachUp

How to Help Your Kids Choose Between Multiple Sports

I just pressed send on an email to the travel baseball commissioner for my son’s baseball league. Over the past few weeks we’ve been talking about me being the head coach for the 8U travel baseball team. I agreed to do it last week, and we were working on tryout dates, and all the other details.

A choice to make

All the while I wasn’t sure if my son, Jackson, really wanted to play travel baseball, just wanted another reason to hang out with his friends, or if he wanted to play basketball instead. Well after letting him know there was an opportunity to play travel basketball his face lit up. So, last night we went to work out with a potential travel basketball team.

Mental Toughness


Have you ever gone into a competition as physically prepared as you possibly could be, but something in your mind was causing doubts?  Have you excelled at workouts in practice, but find that your competition results don’t match up?  Have you ever noticed a difference in the thoughts that go through your head during practice versus what goes through your head during competition?  Are they the same?  Are they different?  If so, how are they different?

How Great Coaches (and Parents) Go from Sweet 16 to Elite 8 by Jackie Bledsoe | CoachUp

How Great Coaches (and Parents) Go from Sweet 16 to Elite 8

Today, the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament comes to my city, Indianapolis. The games all start tomorrow, but the city is buzzing and excited. Today, all four teams playing will have a practice open to the public. I wanted to take my kids to the practices, but I wasn’t able to do it.

Great parents are like great coaches

I think it would have been a good experience for them to see championship-level teams and coaches prepare for a big game. There are some heavy hitter and big name coaches in this region. They are definitely championship-level, and some even Hall of Fame level. It’s no surprise their teams find themselves in the round of 16 year after year.

Coaching parallels parenting on so many levels. One of my desires is continue my run through the field, to the Sweet 16, and to that One-Shining moment as a father when I see my kids succeed in life. That is what led me to write my book, March DADness: Preparing Dads to Make a Championship Run in Fatherhood.

March DADness: Preparing Dads to Make a Championship Run in Fatherhood by Jackie Bledsoe | CoachUp.com

Join the March DADness Tourney Challenge sponsored by CoachUp

It is finally here. March Madness has finally arrived. No matter how much you enjoy the college basketball regular season, March Madness is always highly anticipated. In my opinion it is the greatest sports tournament on the planet. Ever!

March Madness creates college basketball legends, and college basketball legendary moments. This year CoachUp is bringing March Madness to you on a whole new level!

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The CoachUp 2013 Coach Awards

We’re pleased to announce the winners of our first ever CoachUp Coach Awards. We established the CoachUp Awards to recognize our top coaches whose phenomenal work is helping athletes around the country reach another level. The CoachUp team took a number of factors into account when awarding these honors, such as: coach score, client reviews, testimonials, response rate, and first-hand experience working with coaches directly.

Without further adieu we present…

The Coach of the Year Award by Sport

coachup coach of the year

Each of these coaches stood out as the best CoachUp coach in their respective sport based on the phenomenal experience they deliver to athletes.


How to Choose a Great Coach

My son’s youth baseball league now utilizes a new system for league registrations. It’s pretty cool as all registrations are done online through their online league toolbox. When I clicked the link they emailed me to register, it went right to my online account, and both of my boy’s names were already listed as players. I thought cool! I then noticed not only could players register, but there was a registration option to be a coach too. Now, that is official!

That Unique Quality Which Separates a Great Coach from a Good Coach by Jackie Bledsoe - CoachUp

That Unique Quality Which Separates a Great Coach from a Good Coach

I’ve written about the important role youth coaches have in the lives of youth athletes. The influence goes well beyond the field, the court, or the arena. Anyone who has had the experience of playing for a great coach knows exactly what I’m talking about.