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How to Support Your Children During Tryouts

A few months ago, Jackson, our 8-year-old had basketball tryouts to play for the Indy Nets Basketball club here in Indianapolis. It would be the first time he would have a tryout for a team before playing with them. Up to this point he had only played rec leagues, no club teams, no travel teams, and no AAU teams.

I could tell he felt a little different about this, and was probably a little anxious. His coach was going to be evaluating his play, his attitude, and his work ethic in comparison to players who had played more basketball experience than him, at a higher level of competition no less. Before allowing him to be on the team, he wanted to make sure he could compete and contribute to the team.

Relaxation Techniques for Athletes

Relaxation for Athletes: Step Up Your Game with These 4 Mindfulness Techniques

The brain and the body go hand-in-hand when it comes to performance. If you think a race is stressful, your body will react by being tense and tight. When you’re having fun your body is loose and relaxed. Therefore, relaxation for athletes is imperative for personal enjoyment and performance success.

fun in youth sports

How to Keep the Fun in Youth Sports

It was always the last thing my mother and father would say to me before dropping me off at soccer practice or any athletic endeavor I tried when I was a kid.

They would say, sometimes shout as I sprinted towards the field, “Do well, and have fun!”

It seems like such a simple concept when it comes to youth athletics. I mean, that alone should be the reason why kids are out there playing sports with their friends and getting in exercise as well.

But fun seems to be finding its way out of youth sports, at least according to a study done by the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

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Why Your Kids Should Play Only One Sport…Each Season

My family is wrapping up one of the busiest seasons we’ve had. The summer time should be a time to unwind and relax, but for us, I have to admit, it has been a grind. And most of it has been self-induced. It’s probably the challenge that plagues most sports loving families. Multiple kids playing multiple sports. We did this all in the same season, instead of playing one sport…each season.

Now, don’t get me wrong, while it was a grind I still have thoroughly enjoyed everything, and so have our kids. But we did reach a point where I think our entire family got burned out. 

5 Core Values Every Youth Sports Team Should Have

young softball playerIf every youth sports team took the time to list their core values and then worked to implement them throughout the season, I think that things might look a bit differently in today’s youth sports culture.

Coaches and parents are so busy buying uniforms, finding a place to practice, setting up volunteer lists, and organizing equipment that it’s way too easy for them to forget the value of youth sports.

If you are a coach, or a parent with influence on your child’s team, it’s time to establish some team core values. These are my top 5, in no specific order:


Are You Ready to Go Barefoot? Your Barefoot Running Test

Barefoot running has become a popular trend in recent years, infusing the market with many options for barefoot and minimal footwear. While running in these shoes may seem exciting and interesting, they also increase the workload that the body is used to doing, and force the body to stabilize and support itself in new ways. Inadequate strength and stability open the door for injuries to occur. Use these tests to assess whether or not you’re ready for a minimal ride.


Running Form: 3 Ways to Run More Efficiently

Whether you’re hitting up the summer road race circuit or getting your fitness level up for team tryouts, everyone can stand to brush up on good running form and technique.  Avoid losing precious energy while running by making sure you are following these three tips for running more efficiently.


Off-season Training Advice for Athletes and Their Parents

With athletes aspiring to compete at higher levels in sports each year, the summertime off-season becomes an important training period. Athletes of all ages have many options for off-season training that will take their game to another level. Unfortunately, with so many options, making summer plans can become hectic, making you feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

Understandably, between camps, clinic, cross-training, gym memberships, and other training offerings, the landscape can be challenging to navigate. Let us help with some advice for how you, or your child, can train over the summer: